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76                    LECTURES AND ESSAYS

general agreement in the ethical code of per-
sons belonging to the same race at a given
time, but considerable variations in different
races and times. To the question "What is
right ? " can therefore only be answered in the
first instance, " That which pleases your moral
sense." But it may be further asked, " What
is generally thought right ? " and the reply will
specify the ethic of a particular race and period
But the ethical code of an individual, like the
standard of taste, may be modified by habit
and education ; and accordingly the question
may be asked, ((How shall I order my moral
desires so as to be able to satisfy them most
completely and continuously ? What ought I
to feel to be right ?" The answer to this
question must be sought in the study of the
conditions under which the moral sense was
produced and is preserved ; in other words, in
the study of its functions as a property of the
human organism. The maxims derived from
this study may be called maxims of abstract
or absolute right; they are not absolutely uni-
versal, " eternal and immutable," but they are
independent of th^ individual, and practically
universal for the present condition of the human

I mean by Science the application of ex-
perience to new circumstances, by the aid of
an order of nature which has been ob$erved in